Individual Counselling


Counselling can offer a number of benefits to individuals who have been confronted with difficulties, or who are striving to overcome issues from the past. For example, counselling can help one to:

  • Cope effectively with difficult life situations, such as relationship issues, interpersonal difficulties, loss of employment, or life disappointments
  • Come to terms with some of the difficulties that can arise from major life transitions, such as getting married or divorced, having a baby, moving to a new place, finishing university, starting or losing a job, coping with retirement, etc.
  • Deal with a variety of mood difficulties, such as depression, anger, and anxiety
  • Come to terms with past traumatic events, such as abuse, life threatening situations, or a dysfunctional family of origin
  • Strive to strengthen self-esteem and level of assertiveness
  • Work on parenting strategies and resolve feelings that can arise from a difficult relationship with one's children
  • Develop healthy strategies for dealing with stress and establish good balance in one's life
  • Learn how to develop healthy boundaries with others and a strong sense of self
  • Overcome negative messaging from one's past and learn to build self-acceptance and confidence
  • Address unhealthy coping strategies, whether this is through addiction, disordered eating, or burying of feelings, and learn how to fully express and process one's emotions
  • Work through feelings of loss and grief after many different types of loss, such as death of a loved one, divorce, family estrangement, unemployment, the "empty nest", or health issues
  • Develop new perspectives and views on life, as well as develop a refined self-concept and new directions for the future