Couples Counselling

There are many benefits for couples who are seeking relationship counselling, such as:

  • Learning ways to communicate in a more open and accepting manner, with less defensiveness and more collaboration in order to resolve issues in a way that is satisfactory for both partners
  • Working through resentments and past emotional hurts
  • Developing strategies to raise, address, and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner
  • Coming to terms with life events within the family, such as having or losing a child, experiencing health issues, going through retirement or the "empty nest," etc.
  • Addressing parenting concerns, particularly when coming from different backgrounds, value systems, or parenting styles
  • Working to develop a better understanding of one another and each person's needs, as well as learning how to strengthen the couple's bond
  • Finding healthy ways to build a stronger sense of connection and greater levels of intimacy
  • Addressing issues related to healthy sexual functioning
  • Working through stressful life events, such as employment issues, life transitions, loss of a loved one, etc.
  • Assisting the couple to come to terms with issues in the external family, such as problems with in-laws or friends
  • Coming to terms with decisions for separation or divorce, including ways to assist children through this process and avoid conflict when co-parenting