Family Counselling

 Counselling can be very helpful for a variety of issues that can confront families, such as:

  • Changing life circumstances, due to a death in the family, loss of employment, moving to a new place, divorce, or health issues
  • Sibling rivalry or conflict that is escalating to the point that children are hurting one another
  • Dealing with specific family concerns, such as sleeping issues, chore or homework compliance, bids for negative attention, school anxiety or refusal, separation anxiety, etc.
  • Parenting struggles, particularly with compliance and discipline
  • Parents needing to work together in the raising of their children, rather than being "on different pages"
  • Communication difficulties and conflict among family members
  • Leaning ways to negotiate and compromise on changing needs in the family, such as with teenagers who are seeking more freedom and independence
  • Walking the family through the process of "the family meeting" and how this can enhance communication, understanding, and cooperation
  • Challenging and destructive family issues, such as alcohism, abuse, neglect, disordered eating issues, etc.